Nomination of experts

Nomination of experts for CIMO Expert Teams, Task Teams and Theme Leaders

The Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation (CIMO) organizes its work under Open Programme Area Groups (OPAGs).  In Doc. 9(1), draft Resolutions are being submitted to CIMO-16 for the re-establishment of three OPAGs, addressing issues related to: In Situ Technologies and Intercomparisons; Remote-Sensing Technologies; and Capacity Development and Operational Metrology. Major activities of the Commission will then be carried out by either small task-focused teams or by theme leaders.

The list of expert teams (ET), task teams (TT) and theme leaders (TL) that is being proposed to CIMO-16 for approval is also provided in Doc. 9(1) (Annex to para 9(1).6). This document is available at:

Draft workplans for those teams will be made available soon in INF. 9(3). These work plans will not be submitted to CIMO-16 for approval. They will have to be finalized by each ET, TT and TL, in collaboration with the CIMO Management Group, also taking into account additional proposals that may come from CIMO-16 and from experts selected for these teams. This information document is available at:


The WMO Secretariat hereby seeks from WMO Members the nomination of candidates who are willing to work within the CIMO Expert Teams, Task Teams or as Theme Leaders for the period 2014-2018. A circular letter was sent to all Permanent Representative with WMO on 11 June 2014 to this effect.

The ET, TT, TL members are identified through a selection process, based on the candidate's experience and expertise. Each proposed expert is therefore kindly requested to fill out on-line and then print out the electronic version of a survey form available at:,

to provide detailed information on their contact details, personal experience and qualifications, and a short description of their potential contribution to achieving the objectives of CIMO, in support of the selection process.

The paper copies of the completed forms, once signed by the relevant Permanent Representative, should be sent to the WMO Secretariat, preferably by email to, or by fax to: +(41 22) 730 8021, as soon as possible but not later than 27 June 2014, in order to ensure that the information will be available for consideration during CIMO-16, when the nomination of the Chairpersons of the Expert Teams, Task Teams and of the Theme Leaders will take place. The selection of members for ETs, TT and TLs will be finalized by the CIMO Management Group as soon as possible after CIMO-16.